Best Long Range Electric Bikes

Best Long Range Electric Bikes

Whether you are living in a big city or cross country, a long-range electric bike is your best friend. From the best long-range electric bike to electric bike for heavy riders, markets are flooded with a range of e-bikes. Besides fun, cycling is considered one of the best cardiovascular exercises. Gone are the days when you had to pedal for miles to reach your destination. Times are changing, and now these electric bikes have replaced the old school of thought. Just imagine, a single charge of bike offers 80-120 km per charge. No matter how good you are at cycling, when it comes to choosing the best long-range electric bike, you have to make the right decision. For instance, a range of electric bikes depends on four prime variables, including battery capacity, terrain type, and battery, and rider weight.

10 Best Long Range Electric Bikes for 2023


Electric Scooter

Max Speed

Max Range



15 MPH

15.5 Miles

NAKTO 26" Cargo

25 MPH

28 Miles

Elby Bike

20 MPH

80 Miles

NAKTO Electric Bike

18 MPH

45 Miles

NAKTO Electric Bicycle

20 MPH

35 Miles

Bright GG

35 MPH

55 Miles

Eahora XC100

21 MPH

40 Miles

Eahora X7

28 MPH

45 Miles

Nakto 20"/26"

20 MPH

25 Miles

Eahora AM100

28 MPH

80 Miles

1. SWAGCYCLE EB5 Plus Folding Electric Bike

Quick Features:

  • Maximum Speed: 15 miles per hour
  • Maximum Range: 15.5 miles
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 264 lbs
  • Motor Power: 250 Watts

Reinforced with excellent craftsmanship, upgraded fold and lock mechanism, long-lasting removable battery, and a powerful motor, the EB5 Plus electric bike is an ideal choice for daily commute from tedious to traffic. The combination of the powerful 250-watt motor along with the ability to pedal, this electric bike is a modern-day commuters dream.

A single charge offers 15.5 miles, which is good enough to take around. A real comfortable ride means that your vehicle should be comfortable enough. Featuring 14-inch air-filled tires, EB5 can easily handle uneven terrains. Also, the handlebars and height of the seat are adjustable, which means you can perfectly position yourself at a most comfortable point.

This best long-range electric bike comes with a stopping power calibrated to the comfortably handle fast speed with perfect accuracy. The Auto guard technology disengages the motor when you hit the brakes. You can easily reach the maximum speed of 15 miles per hour; conquer steep hills along with the 3-degree inclines with ease. If you want to pump your heart, the traditional bike option will help you.

One of the best features of the SWAGCYCLE EB5 Plus is 3 step folding system. Simply fold and store it in compact places such as under desk. If you want to carry the bike, there is a built-in carry handle for your assistance. Though the battery (36V Lithium-Ion battery)) can easily last 4-5 hours per charge but if you want more power than you have to buy an extra battery for it. Overall this is an excellent electric bike with a smooth and stable ride on both flat and uneven surfaces.

  • Best choice for daily commuting
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • 3 Step Folding systems
  • Good battery life
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Premium build quality
  • A single level of powerful assistance

2. NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle

 Quick Features:

  • Maximum Speed: 25 miles per hour
  • Maximum Range: 28 miles
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 300 lbs
  • Motor Power: 250 Watts

This excellent electric bike offers the best premium quality and best performance at an affordable price. The Nakto electric bicycle is made with a durable carbon steel frame to ensure the longevity of the bike. It is good enough to support a rider weight of up to 300 lbs. The low step frame provides an easy time when mounting or dismounting. Also, the front forks have the same carbon steel and are design for efficient shock absorption. However, such materials add to the bike weight (about 70 lbs), which may be heavy for some riders.

Nakto Long Range Cargo Electric Bike

This best long-range electric bike is equipped with a powerful 250 Watt brushless motor. You can smoothly ride at a top speed of 25 mph. Another notable feature is its two working modes. You can use the e-bike with the motor power or an assisted bike where the motor provides additional power once you start pedaling. Its 26/4 CST fat tires with a pressure of 300 PSI ensure smoothing riding on different surfaces including sandy trails, snowy areas, and muddy paths.

This Nakto electric bike comes with a 36V 10Ah lithium battery that allows reaching a top speed of 25-30 mph. However, the terrain and right weight may affect the speed and range. A single charge lasts for 4-6 hours, which is good enough to get you 2-25 miles. Also, this e-bike offers charge control, equilibrium function, over-voltage protection, overcharge protection, temperature protection; short-circuit protection, over current protection, temperature protection, and over release protection. All these features keep you safe from injury and prevent the battery damage too.

When it comes to safety, the bike features a rear expansion brake along with the front V brakes on a 6-speed Shimano transmission system. The braking system is stable enough to give rider proper stopping power and full control ever at top speed. Also, the bike has premium quality Shimano-6 speed gear set to ensure smooth riding experience on both flat and sloping terrains.

  • Comfortable posture
  • Easy to ride
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Long battery life
  • Appealing design
  • Heavy for some people

3. Elby Bike 9-Speed Electric Bike

 Quick Features:

  • Maximum Speed: 20 miles per hour
  • Maximum Range: 80 miles
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 330 lbs
  • Motor Power: 500 Watts

Style, comfort, and power; these three words best describe the Elby 9-Speed Electric Bike. This long-range electric bike comes with a rear fender and heavy-duty cross braces to carry luggage basket. Perhaps this is one of the most attractive bikes available on the market. Available in five different colors, including white, black, gray, orange, and light blue, Elby electric bike has an aluminum frame with a step-through design. Its black saddle, along with a white edging, is large and padded. Also, the ergonomic handlebar features a non-slip rubber surface for ultra-comfortable riding experience.

Elby Long Range Electric Bike

This e-bike features a powerful 500 Watt direct-drive motor. The regenerative braking system helps to recharge the battery when the rider uses the handlebar controls. The feature is also handy for additional braking when riding down a steep slope. The 52 cell lithium-ion battery offers 80 miles per single charge at a top speed of 20 miles per hour. The best thing is, it needs only 5 hours to fully charge the bike battery.

When it comes to safety, Elby e-bikes are one of the reliable bikes on the market. Featuring lightweight but thick Continental Cruise Contact tires, which are puncture-resistant, the bike offers smooth riding at various terrains. The tires also have additional high strength nylon fabric for extra durability. This electric bike is equipped with premium quality Tekro hydraulic disc brakes.

Elby Bike 9-Speed Electric Bike comes with a Supernova front and LED lights for bright visibility during night riding. Another distinguishing feature of the bike is its Elby app. It helps to track the bike stats, direction, and also weather conditions. You can use the bike console or smartphone to access the app. Last but not least, the adjustable seat provides the best posture for extended riding.

  • Power LED lights
  • Attractive design
  • Powerful battery and motor
  • Regenerative Braking system
  • Smooth and Comfortable Ride
  • Heavy and Expensive

4. NAKTO Electric Bike for Adults- Best Budget Electric Bike

 Quick Features:

  • Maximum Speed: 18 miles per hour
  • Maximum Range: 45 miles
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 300 lbs
  • Motor Power: 250 Watts

 If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend big on the first electric bike, then this is the right choice for you. The NAKTO e-bike operates in two modes: E-bike (motor only) and Assisted (pedal assist). Select the E-bike mode to activate the powerful motor and enjoy a smooth ride with consistent speed. However, for improved battery range and pump some blood, choose the assisted mode.

This assisted mode comes with five different levels. You can easily adjust the level suing the left-hand handlebar controller, which also shows the distance in kilometers, operating current, and battery level. You can also save up to 85% batter power by using the assisted mode during cycling.

Nakto long range electric bike 26''

This best NAKTO electric bike is equipped with a 36 volts 10Ah lithium battery and 300 watts brushless motor. The bike can easily travel for 45 miles at a top speed of 30 miles per hour depending on the riding style, weight, and terrain. You have to charge the battery for 4-6 hours for a complete charge. The manufacturer is well aware of ride safety. That’s why it has used over charging protection, over-voltage protection, equilibrium protection, and charge control, short-circuit protection, over current protection, temperature protection, and over-release protection to prevent rider and bike from problems.

It features 26×4.0 CST fat tires with a pressure of 30 PSI. No matter whether you are riding on muddy, snowy, or sandy paths, this best electric bike will get you to the destination while staying comfortable. Thanks to the low-step frame design that helps in mounting and dismounting.

Together with the various assist levels, it comes with the Shimano 6-speed gear set for a comfortable ride on both flat and uneven terrains. It also has a mechanical disc braking system in the front and back to give the ride an excellent stopping power even at top speed.

  • Low-Frame Design
  • Affordable price
  • Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Dual Working Mode
  • Powerful motor
  • Not for Off-Road Biking
  • Difficult to Replace a Tire

5. NAKTO Electric Bicycle Electric Bikes for Adults (250 Watts)

 Quick Features:

  • Maximum Speed: 20 miles per hour
  • Maximum Range: 35 miles
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 250 lbs
  • Motor Power: 250 Watts

 Made from premium-grade materials, this Nakto electric bike is known for its smooth riding. From a high strength-carbon carbon steel frame to shock absorption tires, everything has been crafted flawlessly. One of the best features of this long-range electric bike is its affordable price. The front fork is manufactured from premium grade carbon steel, which is packed with ultra-comfort shock absorption.

NAKTO Electric Bicycle is powered by a 250W motor that offers 20 mph of high speed. It’s detachable high power 36v/10Ah lithium-ion battery needs only 4-6 for a complete charge and give you 40 miles of ultra-smooth riding experience. The bike is designed with six-speed Revoshift gears and also Quick change gears.


The e-bike comes with two working modes that include an assisted mode and E-bike mode. If you are worried about weather protection, then there is an integrated metal full chain along with mudguards to protect it from wet weather conditions.

The e-bike is also equipped with front V brake, a rear expansion brake, and a 6-speed transmission system. The braking system is reliable enough to stop immediately even at top speed. There is an LED headlamp and horn to facilitate you during night riding.

  • Detachable battery
  • Best customer service
  • Safe for various terrains
  • 1-year warranty
  • Affordable price
  • Only two riding modes

6. Bright GG Electric Bike

 Quick Features:

  • Maximum Speed: 35 miles per hour
  • Maximum Range: 55 miles
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 300 lbs
  • Motor Power: 500 Watts

The Bright GG fat tire electric bike is a real gift for those who are looking for comfort and style at an affordable price. Featuring a high strength carbon steel frame, this electric bike comes with a high-quality comfort cushion. The sturdy carbon steel frame is large enough to facilitate more weight and reduce your daily troubles.

The 500 Watt high-performance brushless motor combines with 48V 12A battery to provide up to 55 miles of range at a top speed of 35 mph. The battery needs 4-6 hours for a complete charge. It is equipped with bright LED headlights to help night riders. The best feature of Bright GG e-bike is that it is specially designed to make you feel comfortable without being tired.

Bright GG long range electric bike

The bike offers 3 modes of operation, including regular, auxiliary, and electric bicycles. The durable 26-inch large and thick tires provide a perfect grip with better shock absorption abilities. Also, larger tires help to carry more weight, which makes it the best electric bike for heavy riders. For safety, it has been equipped with the rear disc brake and the front V brake. The LCD control screen shows the battery, speed, and distance.

  • Best e-bike for heavy riders
  • LED Display
  • Powerful motor
  • 3 operation modes
  • 1-year warranty
  • The seat is not comfortable.

7. Eahora XC100 Plus 26 Inch Electric Bike- Best Electric Bike for Mountains

 Quick Features:

  • Maximum Speed: 21 miles per hour
  • Maximum Range: 40 miles
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 220 lbs
  • Motor Power: 350 Watts

One of the best electric bikes under 1000, the Eahora XC100 Plus 26 Inch Electric Bike is specially made for mountain bikers. Made with a premium quality aluminum allow frame, this best electric bike comes with a shock absorber front fork. You can easily adjust the fork height by using a riser booster. It features a large leather surface seat along with the front and rear support shock absorber ball adjustable saddle. Overall, this best electric bike for mountains is made for excellent shock absorption, improving riding comfort, and reducing riding resistance.

Eahora XC100 Long Range Electric Bike Review

It is powered by the 350W motor with 2 riding modes, including a PAS mode, electric mode, and common bike mode. PAS mode is made for personalized riding experience, an electric mode is suitable for long term travel, and the regular bike mode is ideal for exercising. One of the best features of the e-bike is the E-PAS tech that generates 60% energy when a rider is going downhill without energy consumption.

It also features a Shimano shifting system for various speed requirements for different terrains. You can use these 7 speeds in both auxiliary bike mode and electric bike mode. Also, the rider can switch the speed, which is displayed on the IP65 waterproof LCD color display. Eahora XC100 Plus comes with a 48V/10.4 Ah lithium-ion battery that offers 40 miles on a single charge. All you need is to charge it for 4-5 hours to enjoy a super smooth riding experience.

With front and rear mechanical 160mm disc brake system, you can stop this e-bike ever at a loose terrain. One of the best things about mechanical brakes is that the cables are straightforward to install and they work perfectly. The bike comes with 26-inch mountain tires and a 5W bright headlamp for safe riding.

  • Best choice for mountains
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy to assemble
  • Detachable battery
  • 7 Switchable Speeds
  • Limited rider weight capacity

8. Eahora X7 PRO 500W Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

Quick Features:

  • Maximum Speed: 28 miles per hour
  • Maximum Range: 45 miles
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 330 lbs
  • Motor Power: 500 Watts

 Folding bikes are best known for their portability benefits. Simply fold them and store them even in compact places without any hassle. This best long-range folding electric bike by Eahora comes with 7071 aluminum alloy frame, front suspension fork (lockable), and adjustable preload to match rider weight. Featuring CST 20×4 fat tires, this e-bike offers exceptional shock absorption with anti-puncture performance. It also improves mountain climbing abilities, mileage, and best terrain adaptability.

Eahora X7 Pro Long Range Bike

Equipped with 500W powerful brushless motor, the e-bike has a 48V 10. Ah, removable battery loaded with high-density Samsung lithium cells. A single offers 45 miles and a top speed of 28 miles per hour. The battery provides over 1000 circles recharging and needs 4-6 fours for a complete charge. PAS offers three levels of pedal assistance for your convenience, including PAS, electric, and Sport.

The motor, along with the intelligent controller, is connected with the E-PAS system. This system recharge power back to bike’s battery when the PAS level is 0/1 and speed reaches 13 mph. Also, the E-PAS system optimizes the ECO system efficiency and improves the lifetime of the motor and battery.  Shimano M310 derailleur and Shimano 8 speed shifter offer accurate and smooth shifting. For safety purposes, the e-bike is equipped with a front and rear 180mm hydraulic disc brake system. Other important features are Thumb throttle, IP65 waterproof intelligent display, horn, 5 bright headlights, comfortable control grip, and soft saddle.

  • Front and rear hydraulic brakes
  • Bright LED headlight
  • Waterproof Intelligent Display
  • Compact, ergonomic foldable design
  • Exclusive E-PAS system
  • High price

9. Nakto 20″/26″ Electric Bike Fat Tire Mountain Electric Bike

Quick Features:

  • Maximum Speed: 20 miles per hour
  • Maximum Range: 25 miles
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 360 lbs
  • Motor Power: 300 Watts

This new electric mountain bike comes with a sturdy and durable aluminum frame along with the front suspension fork. This extra-durable frame is large enough to accommodate heavy rider’s weight and also to offer smooth driving experience on various terrains. The best mountain electric bike comes with 3 working models, including pedal only, power-assisted, and twist the throttle. An adjustable seat for comfortable riding and gorgeous painting provides a great appearance to this e-bike.

Nakto Electric Bike

This best fat tire electric bike features a powerful 300-Watt specialized motor and a removable waterproof Tianeng 36V10A lithium water bottle battery. You can charge the battery directly or remove it for charging. The battery and motor combine to provide 25 miles mileage and 20 miles per hour of top speed.

Featuring 20×4 fat tires and a six-speed system, you will have no problem riding on snowy or sandy terrains and enjoying a smooth riding experience. Thanks to the user-friendly Shimano shifters and a rear derailleur that helps for gear shifting even on rough road conditions.

It also comes with a bulletproof braking system that has dual disk brakes and full suspension for a comfortable stoppage. Additional features include bright front light, horn, and adjustable seat.

  • Reliable braking system
  • Ultra-smooth riding
  • Adjustable seat
  • Detachable battery
  • Best for heavy riders
  • Available in a single color

10. Eahora AM100 Plus 27.5 Inch 48V Mountain Electric Bicycle- Best Off Road Electric Bike

 Quick Features:

  • Maximum Speed: 28 miles per hour
  • Maximum Range: 80 miles
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 300 lbs
  • Motor Power: 350 Watts

Made with a premium quality durable aluminum alloy frame, adjustable preload for various weight categories, and air front suspension fork, this is one of the longest range mountain electric bikes available on the market. This e-bike comes with an adjustable height range from the saddle, which helps to fore more riders. In fact, this is one of the best off-road electric bikes for adults.

Eahora AM100 plus 27.5 Inch 48V Mountain Electric Bicycle comes with a powerful brushless motor and a 48V 10. Ah, large capacity Samsung lithium battery. A single battery charge offers 60-80 miles depending on the riding mode, rider weight, and terrain type. The top speed of the bike is 28 miles per hour, which is excellent for off-road bikers. It has 3 riding modes, including Sport mode, E-PAS mode, and electric mode.

The ECO motor, along with the intelligent motor is connected directly to the E-PAS system. Such technology recharges the bike battery when the PAS level is 0 or 1 with a speed of 13 miles per hour. Also, the system helps to extend the life of the motor and battery. The IP65 waterproof smart, colorful LCD screen helps to track the speed, battery, and other essential features during the ride.

The e-bike features hydraulic brake system which ensures perfect control at various speed and different surfaces. To activate the cruise control, simply keep your speed for 8s under electric mode. Other notable features include password protection, electronic lock, adjustable seat, and ergonomic handlebar, a 27.5-inch wheel with full aluminum alloy double rim, bright headlight, a thumb throttle, and leather grip for perfect grip.

  • Best for mountains and off-road
  • Thick tires with durable rim
  • Password protection
  • Automatic headlight
  • Hydraulic Disc Brake System
  • High price

Buying Guide for Best Long-Rang Electric Bike

Buying an electric buying can be a simple target, but when it comes to choosing the best long-range electric bike, you have to make the right decision to enjoy the comfortable ride. Here are the most important aspects you should consider before you make a decision.

Different Types of Electric Bike

Once there was a time when e-bikes were available with ordinary batteries and motors. Thanks to modern technologies, now we have a powerful motor, different batteries, high performance, and versatile electric bike available on the market. Take a look at the most common types of electric bikes.

Urban Electric Bikes

Perhaps the most common type of electric bike, the urban bike, is a decent choice for daily commuters and riders in hilly areas. They are equipped with the 250-250W motors offering 20 miles to take you from point A to B.

Electric Mountain Bike

Popularly known as the 4x4s of the bike universe, these electric bikes offer perfect riding experience on mountains. These bikes feature both hardtail and full-suspension along with the 500Wh battery for all-day riding. Typically, electric mountain bikes sport heavyweight due to the riding terrains, so it is better to choose the mode that will walk-assist mode.

Electric Road Bikes

As the name suggests, these bikes are specially designed for road rider with flat tires and durable material. The prime feature of these e-bikes is their high speed to reach the destination quickly.


 Electric bikes have motors mounted on either the crank drive or the wheel hub. There are two types of the motor, including crank drive and hub drive.

Hub Drive Motor

This is the most common type f motor used in electric bikes as they are cheaper and easier to fit as compared to the crank drive motor. These motors have simple designs with little maintenance needed. Hub motors are best for flat terrains.

But they only offer full power at a single speed and are not suitable for steep terrains. Also, hub motors draw a high load of the low speed that results in more battery usage.

Crank Drive Motor

Also known as the mid-drive, the crank drive motor replaces the crankset of the e-bike and delivers power directly to the chain. Even on steep climbs, this motor can maintain its optimal RPM. This allows maximum power transfer and the best riding experience. Cranks drive motors are more efficient than hub drive and adjust the assist level accordingly. As a result, you can drive more effectively with improved bike range. Also, they are the best choice for hill climbing with better handling options.

The only drawback of crank drive motors is that they are expensive than hub dive, and the only manufacturers can repair it.


This is the most crucial factor to consider when buying the best long range electric bike. Battery determines how long your electric can bike ride on a single charge.

Capacity and Range

The electric bike range is determined by the battery capacity. In simple words, more power stored results in a greater number of power-assisted miles. They are available in two types of ratings.

Wh- Watt-hours

Ah- Amp-hours

However, it is easy to convert from one to another. Commonly, brands specify the battery range in miles but use the number with a pinch of salt as variables like headwind, tire pressure, hills, and speed affects the performance and increased weight on the bike.

Using full assist mode, you can expect at least 18 miles from a 36v 10A (360Wh) battery. You can track the battery status on the LCD display easily.

Charge and Maintenance

A battery holds less charge because they naturally degrade with time. Best long-range electric bikes come with lithium-ion batteries, which can last between 800 and 1000 full charge cycles. However, careful usage can help to prolong battery life.

The prime factor that affects the battery is to avoid letting it discharge fully before recharging. You can quickly recharge the electric bike battery using the power sockets. Some detachable batteries can be recharged when removed from the frame. Though the charging time depends on the battery types and charger efficiency commonly a modern battery takes 3 to 5 hours for a full recharge.

Varying Assist Levels

Modern electric bikes come with three or four assist levels to help you get the most from the motor. Such assist levels are selectable either from the handlebar computer or basic switch. A handlebar computer is available with updated models as they offer useful readouts like battery life, speed, and distance traveled. The higher the assist level is, the shorter the range of the bike will be. It is best to choose the low level and dial it up for more extended riding tours for extra help.

Walk Mode

Due to their extra features, electric bikes have more weight than regular bikes. When it comes to pushing the bike, it can cause some severe issues, especially when you have to cover the long-range. So, there are electric bikes with walk assist mode in engaging the motor at a low level to reduce the battery draining.

Additional Features

Additional features are always handy during riding. Here is the most common and essential additional you should look for when buying the best long-range electric bike.


Mostly available on city and commuter electric bikes, this is one of the most critical safety features to have. However, systems vary; high-end bikes have more powerful lighting.

Handlebar-mounted LCD display

There are many functions ongoing with an e-bike, so handlebar-mounted bike computer LCD helps to monitor the battery life, speed, pedal-assist mode, miles ridden, and more.


Commonly found on electric cargo bikes, these sturdy racks can easily support heavy loads. Electric bikes also accommodate a wide range of separately purchased racks.


Aluminum is commonly used in making electric bike frames, but carbon fiber and steel frames are also available nowadays. Frame design and material along with the motor and battery size contribute a lot to the total weight of an electric bike. Electric bikes are commonly heavier than regular bikes. However, the lightweight electric bike provides better riding experience as compared to heavy bikes.

Smartphone integration

High-end electric bikes come with wireless connections for smartphones. Available apps may include service records, GPS, and added screen features. Various apps even help you unlock the bike’s integrated lock.

Built-in Security

Different e-bikes have rear-wheel locks attached to the frame while some have a lock on the battery, which can be keyed to match the bike lock manufactured by a partner brand.

Component Quality

Electric bikes have various price tires represent tiered component quality. A less expensive electric bike won’t have premium features such as smartphone integration. Just as on a typical bike, tires, premium brakes, shifters, and drive trains will more reliable and responsive.


There are many benefits of buying an electric bike. Whether you want to ride on electric mode or want to pump some blood, e-bikes are the best choice for you. However, it depends on your needs and riding surface to select the best long-range electric bike. From heavy to light, from commute to off-road riding, we have shared the best electric bikes for long-range available on the market. Select the one that best suits your need and enjoy long riding with your best friends.

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