Important Accessories for Electric Scooter – Top 6 Accessories

Top Five Accessories You Need for Your Electric Scooters

Nowadays, electric scooters are one of the most popular ways of transportation. Adding few essential accessories will surely make your riding safe and more fun. These devices are made for adults on the go who are looking to avoid traffic, commute around the town, and above all, contribute to the trend of eco-friendly transit. Also, you can transform your fastest electric scooter into a jack of all trades by adding the right accessories. Following are the top six accessories you need for your electric scooters.

Top 6 Must-have Accessories for Electric Scoter

1. Phone Holder

Buying a phone holder for an electric scooter is an effective way to remain focused on the road, avoid distractions while riding and enjoy your favorite scenic routes. Typically, the phone holder is a smartphone universal which means it doesn’t matter whether you are using iPhone or Android device. Phone mounts are handlebar compatible, budget-friendly, completely adjustable, and durable enough to withstand any bumps along the way to the destination.

2. Handlebar Extender

handlebar extender for electric scooter

One of the most important accessories for riding electric scooters, a handlebar extender helps to safely commute to work, travel all hours of day and night, or pick up last-minute groceries. Using a handlebar extender, you can enjoy additional space to attach a safety light, rearview mirror, a sound box or horn, and many other things. Lightweight, super easy to mount and release; a handlebar extender is ideal for balancing backpacks and grocery bags.

3. Bike lock

Buy an e-scooter lock or chain to secure your scooter when you are not using it. Depending on your location and comfortability, a simple five-digit combination cable is good enough to keep your electric scooter with seat safe. However, you can also use U-lock or durable chain for maximum protection. Choosing the type of e-scooter lock is your personal choice but make sure to invest in a high-quality lock to ensure the protection of your electric scooter. From braided steel to self-coiling design, there are different types of electric scooter locks available on the market to choose from. Check out how to lock an electric scooter properly.

4. Helmets

helmet for electric scooter

The first thing to ensure before riding is your safety. Thanks to the modern helmet manufacturers, nowadays, you can find a variety of styles that allows enjoying riding with style. There are electric scooter helmets offering unique features such as a magnetic buckle for additional comfort, internal and external vents to keep you cool, and a dial fit mechanism to ensure a custom fit.

5. Rearview mirror

Mounting a rearview mirror on an electric scooter is a great way to keep an eye on the foot traffic, construction zones, pedestrians, and cars that come along your way. In the past five years, electric scooters have gained serious fame. The rule for other motorists and scooterists has remained challenging to navigate, especially during extreme weather conditions and high traffic areas. A rearview mirror is a straightforward accessory to install and makes a huge difference when it comes to your safety. You can keep a better eye on the road while riding. Adjustable, easily available, and above all, affordable, the rearview mirrors are available in different shapes and mount options.

6. LED lights

A must-have accessory for night riders, led lights are ideal for riding safely and quickly at night. Riding on dark roads can be a challenging task, especially when you don’t have any light on your bike. Make sure to add bright LED front and backlights to keep yourself self from accidents.



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