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If you are using an electric scooter for an office or college, you can easily park a folding electric scooter inside the workplace as it doesn’t take too much space. However, when the scooter is hard to park, and you can’t carry it due to its size and weight, you have to park it outside. An electric scooter is not a cheap vehicle; therefore, thieves may have an eye on it. The best way is to lock an electric scooter to keep it safe. There is a variety of electric scooter locks available on the market to help you. Take a look at the types and how to lock an electric scooter easily.

Why Should You Always Lock Your Electric Scooter?

The primary purpose of a scooter lock is to prevent it from thieves. Modern e-scooters such as Qiewa Q1 hummer and Q-Mini come with an anti-theft design. But not all scooters are equipped with a built-in lock design. That’s where external electric scooter locks are essential to avoid theft and other damages.

How to lock an electric scooter

Different Types of Electric Scooter Locks

There are different types of locks available for electric scooters. You need to buy the one that best fits your scooter. Take a look at the kinds of electrics scooter locks.

Cable Locks

These locks are affordable and come with durable built quality. Cable locks are designed for bicycles, but they are also suitable for electric scooters. These locks have decent flexibility to wrap around the handlebar and lock it into a bike rack.

Cables locks have a compact size, which allows you to store them easily in your backpack. You can keep and wrap it around your scooter when not using it.

They only have a bronze lock rating and are prone to easy cutting with tools like a wire cutter. Though it can prevent ordinary thieves, cutting the lock is not difficult for an expert thief.

Ring Lock

A ring look is best for electric scooters with wheels with open spokes like the Segway Ninebot ES4 and the Gotrax GXL. Such locks feature a reinforced steel ring with a decent cable in the middle. The cable prevents the ring from rotating during locked position, thus securing the electric scooter wheels.

Ring locks provide more security and protection as compared to ordinary cable locks. You can easily add more security by buying a ring lock having a plug-in capability. It allows adding a cable lock for enhanced security.

D Locks

The most secure type of lock for electric scooters, the D lock, is specially designed for electric scooters. These locks are highly recommended as they are manufactured with a hardened steel shackle to ensure maximum security.

These locks are hard to cut with expertise. They are not portable like cable or chain lock, but D locks are perfect for keeping an electric scooter secure.

Scooter Chain Lock

These locks are an improved version of a cable lock. They have the exact mechanism as the cable lock but feature a thin cable. Such locks are manufactured with chain links to secure an electric scooter to a bike rack.

One cannot cut the lock with wire cutters. It would help if you had a hacksaw or bolt cutter to cut the scooter chain lock. However, these locks are expensive than cable locks.

How to Lock an Electric Scooter Properly

All locks are not made the same, and therefore, there is no guarantee that your scooter will not be stolen. However, following the effective locking tips can surely make it even more difficult for thieves to steal your scooter. Take a look at some effective locking tips for your electric scooter.

Useful Locking Tips

Use a Cover

Covering up an electric scooter makes it less attractive to thieves. Most people use old scooter covers instead of new ones to make them even less appealing. A thief prefers to steal something easy to steal. Therefore, you can increase the protection level of your scooter by adding a cover to it. Also, the cover is adequate to protect it from dust and outdoor elements.

Lock the Scooter properly

It is essential to lock your electric scooter when parked outside. Thieves are always looking for a handy opportunity to steal easy-to-carry and ride vehicles.

Prefer Foldable and Portable Electric Scooters

Foldable electric scooters are best as you can take them anywhere with you. They don’t need any extra space for storage. You can easily store them in your cabinet or under the table.

Short Locks are best

Try to choose a short lock for your electric scooter. For instance, a short Cable lock, D-lock, or Chain lock prevents anyone from inserting a cutting tool between these locks. In simple words, cutting a short lock is complicated as compared to a large one. Therefore, if you have a long chain or cable lock, make sure to wrap it around your scooter a few times to make it shorter.

Anchor Electric Scooter to Something Sturdy

While locking an electric scooter, make sure to chain it to something durable. For example, try to move the bike rack or the fence to check if it is sturdy enough.

Use two or more Locks

Perhaps the most effective way is to use two or more locks for additional security. It may cost you few extra bucks, but you will enjoy the safest parking outside.

Final Words

There are expensive electric scooters featuring extra security features like anti-theft alarms and a key to start. However, all e-scooters are not equipped with the same features, and therefore, it is essential to buy the best electric scooter lock. Make sure to lock your scooter properly after parking. A small effort when locking an electric scooter can make a big difference by securing your vehicle. Electric scooters are not cheap, so make sure to protect them from thieves by locking them and enjoy safe riding.



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