How to Change a Scooter Tire

How to change a scooter tire

Scooters are available in different sizes, drive types, distance outputs, and capacities. However, one thing that is common in all kinds of scooters is that you may need to change the tire at some point. That’s why you need to understand different types of tires. Some electric scooters have urethane tires, some have solid rubber tires, and some are equipped with pneumatic tires and tubes. The question is, how to change a scooter tire ideally. Let’s explore the tire-changing mechanism of scooters.

how to change a scooter tire

How to Change a Scooter Tire – Easy and Quick Ways

If your electric scooter needs a new tire, it is essential to know how to repair or switch tires. The first thing is to know about your scooter brand, type, tire size, and the type and then move on to change the tire.

There are three types of tires used in electric scooters.

  • Solid Rubber tire and plastic hub (two-piece, tire, and hub, solid compound with no air inside)
  • Pneumatic tires, rims, and tubes (separate items to make a wheel)
  • Urethane One Piece wheel (urethane wheel or hub combo)

Check for the Damages

The most important thing to consider before changing the scooter tire is to inspect for damage, wear, punctures, or balding. Tires with tubes and a multi rim are the simplest one as it has the size on the side.

A solid rubber tire comes in only one size (6”), and the urethane wheel is typically 100mm. This type of scooter tire has everything to bolt up and ride. The most common wear signs are dry cracking, flat spots, balding, puncture, or slit. Sometimes, the tire is easy to repair, but depending on the damage type, you may need to change the scooter tire.

How to Change Pneumatic Tires of the Scooter

Perhaps the most complicated type of scooter tire to change; is pneumatic tires that need some expertise to change. The whole wheel requires to come off and be removed properly. You have to unbolt the wheel to split it into two pieces.

In some pneumatic tires, the disk brake is a part of the wheel assembly. Remember, the mechanics are straightforward, but the task is meticulous. if you don’t want to change scooter tires frequently, you can choose fat tire electric scooters.

How to Change the Solid Rubber Tire of the Scooter

You can easily change the solid rubber tire along with the plastic rim/hub. If the tire is useless, you can cut it off with scissors or a knife and disregard it. Place your new scooter tire on the ground and set the hub in the center with a little water. Now step on the rim, and it will sink into the solid rubber tire.

How to Change the One-piece Urethane Wheel of the Scooter

Commonly found on Razor push scooters, a urethane one-piece wheel is straightforward to change as you need to replace the whole wheel. Take the old wheel off and then place it with a new complete unit.

How to Change a Punctured Electric Scooter Tire

Puncture occurs in tube tires. These tire-changing instructions work only for inner tube punctures.

Tools required

  • Zip ties
  • Two heavy-duty tire levers
  • A fresh inner tube
  • A good pump

Remove the Wheel From the Frame

Removing the wheel from the frame depends on your scooter type. Each wheel has a different way to remove. Some wheels have covers to protect the Allen keyholes. You need to remove these covers before proceeding.

Some models are equipped with clear wheel bolts or fixings, which can be removed with a hex key or a spanner.

Removing Tire From the Wheel

Drain all the air from the inner tube with a small Allen key for releasing pressure through the pneumatic gauge. You can use the tire levers to remove the side of the tire wall and then check the punctured or broken inner tube.

Now remove the tire completely and check for the damage. If the tire is fine, you can progress in replacing its inner tube.

Replace the Inner Tube

Now replace the outer tire on a wall and then put in the new inner tube. Make sure to blow it up a little to your tire treads.

Fit in the other side of the scooter tire wall. Make sure it is snugly secure. You can pump the tire and replace it back on your electric scooter.

change scooter tire

Fit the Wheel Back Into the Frame

Use the same tools and procedures you have used to remove the wheel to secure the wheel back into the electric scooter.

Final Words

A tire is one of the essential components of all scooters. Well-maintained tires are crucial for ride quality, safety, and battery efficiency. Changing tires is common for e-scooter riders, and therefore, you should have enough information to deal with tire issues. You can easily change various tires by following the easy-to-follow above-mentioned techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How often should you change scooter tires?

Please don’t ignore any cracks, deformations in the tread, or external signs of wear for your safety. Whenever you find a sign of tire aging, make sure to replace it immediately. However, you should change your scooter tire every 2-3 years.

  • How long does an electric scooter tire last?

Depending on the tire usage, it should last for about 25-30k kilometers. You can use tires after such mileage, but the condition of the tire will help you determine the repair or replacement.

  • How do I know my scooter tires are tubeless?

If the tire stays in the valve hole location, it is a tubeless tire. However, if the valve fails inside the hole, the tire has a fitted tube inside it.

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