How Far Can Electric Scooter Go

How Far can Electric Scooter go

When choosing an electric scooter, the prime concern of every person is how far can electric scooter go on a single charge? The answer is, an electric scooter can travel between 6 to 25 miles on average. The range depends on different factors like speed, battery, model, right weight, terrain type, and weather conditions.  Whether you are looking to buy an electric scooter for adults or long range electric scooters, the following factors can help you to make the right decision.

What Defines That How Far Can Electric Scooter Go on a Single Charge?

Power Train

One of the notable factors of the power range one can achieve using an electric scooter lies in the power train. This mechanism produces power and delivers it perfectly to the wheels of your e-scooter. Although there are multiple factors that should be considered to decide the range power train is the most important of all.

A power train of an electric scooter consists of the following system.

  • Engine
  • Battery
  • Controller

Scooter Engine

The electric engine or motor is the part of the scooter that converts the potential electric energy stored in the battery into mechanical energy.  This energy helps to rotate the wheels. Typically, the motor in the electric scooter is located on one wheel as it’s enough to propel the scooter forward with a decent speed.

Electric Scooter EngineThe engine is directly mounted on the wheel and properly covered by a metal case to protect it from water and dust particles.  The noteworthy feature of an electric motor is its power rating. The low value indicates that the motor is highly energy efficient. You can easily compare different scooters using such value.


Another prime factor of the power range is the battery. One of the common reasons why most electric scooters can’t travel long distances is the price of their batteries. Lithium-ion is an ideal battery used in electric scooters. These batteries are powerful, lightweight but expensive.

Two technical features of batteries include

Battery energy rating (choose high-value rating to get long-range)

Battery discharge rate (A-rate is used to measure the discharge rate of the battery, for instance, 1C means the battery current will discharge in one hour)

Engine controller

This is an internal circuit and software that helps to control the amount of power an engine gets. It takes into account various parameters such as temperature, battery level, acceleration position, and the power consumed at the current time.

Engine controllers can limit the maximum power sent to an electric scooter and also the speed output.


Although the temperature is not a direct factor, it can take the battery of your electric scooter. You have probably noticed that starting the car in winter is hard. It’s due to the cold battery and low voltage. The case is the same with an electric scooter.

If you are riding in cold weather conditions, it can reduce the power range up to 50%. The battery will get cold and won’t provide the adequate energy required by an electric motor.


You can control the scooter speed to extend the battery life if you are riding at a low speed. There is an eco mode or cruise control available in an electric scooter for adults that help to ride at a slower speed to cover a long distance.

electric scooter speedRiding at high speed can reduce the range by 20-30%. When you ride at a slow speed, it will improve your electric scooter range effectively.

Aerodynamic level

Most electric scooters are manufactured with aerodynamics in mind, but even the wind or drive shape can affect its range.


When it comes to tires, there is nothing better than airless tires. Not only are they ideal for long-range electric scooters, but they also provide comfort levels, especially for an electric scooter with no suspension.

Rider Weight

Rider weight is another essential factor that matters when it comes to an electric scooter range. Most e-scooters can facilitate rider weight of 165 lbs. However, you can also find electric scooters for heavy riders too. Exceeding the limited weight can decrease the range of an electric scooter.

Terrain type

Riding on rough terrain has a serious impact on your electric scooter. It is due to the fact that the scooter needs more power to propel forward. Riding on a smooth road improves battery life. Avoid riding on sand or dirt if you want the charge to last for a long time.


Relief simply means riding uphill, and downhill is different things. If you are riding uphill, the scooter will consume more battery and affect 70% of your range limit.  Remember, most electrics scooters can climb slopes of about 20%. That’s why you have to choose the best electric scooter for climbing hills.

How to increase electric scooter range

Don’t carry extra weight

If you are carrying extra weight, such as a backpack with a laptop or any other weight, it will reduce your range. Make sure to remove any additional weight to increase the range of an electric scooter.

Control your speed

Riding at high speed will definitely decrease the range limit of your scooter. Consider riding at 9-12 miles per hour to improve your range.

Correct tire pressure

Make sure to adjust the tire pressure according to the user manual. It can significantly improve your range.

Replace the bearings

electric scooter bearingsIf the wheels are not moving freely, it’s time to get new electric scooter bearings. Upgrading bearings will reduce the friction and thus helps to increase your range.

Always carry a charger

If your routine ride includes stops or you need to commute to the office, make sure to carry your charger. You can easily charge your electric scooter anywhere to improve your range.

Final words

Remember, the manufacturer’s range of an electric scooter is not the same as you will get in real-life conditions. Make sure to choose a long-range electric scooter to cover long distances. Consider the battery and motor power as the most important aspects as they provide current and power to your scooter.

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