Best Off-Road Hoverboards 2023 Reviews & Guide

off road hoverboards 2020

We all indeed want to experience the excitement of hovering a few inches above the ground. These off-road hoverboards brought a real revolution in personal transportation. A hoverboard is a small two wheels scooter with no handle, solely controlled by the feet movement of a user. It is quite easy to manage and requires only a few minutes of training to understand its functionality fully. They are fast, safe, stable and incredibly fun to ride around.

Hoverboards with off-road capabilities open up new horizons of adventure as they allow a user to hover through all the rough and rugged terrains.

I am sure you must have seen videos where the hoverboard explodes and injures its rider. Safety must be your priority while dealing with the hoverboard, make sure it is thoroughly tested and complies with all the safety and security standards.

That’s why searching and buying all terrains hoverboard which is not only safe to ride but also equipped with all the features a modern-day rider need and require.

We have put together a list of the best off-road hoverboards available in the market.

Off-Road Hoverboard Comparison Table


Electric Scooter

Max Range

Max Weight


Segway miniPRO

12.5 Miles

220 lbs

TOMOLOO Hoverboard

12 Miles

220 lbs

Segway miniLITE

11 Miles

175 lbs

Swagtron Swagboard

12 Miles

420 lbs

Jolege Hoverboard


180 lbs


6.2 Miles

165 lbs

HYPER GOGO Hoverboard


165 lbs

City Cruiser


165 lbs


6 Miles

200 lbs

Gyroor T581 Hoverboard

7.5 Miles

200 lbs

Top 10 Best Off-Road Hoverboards 2023

1. Segway miniPRO: Off-Road Hoverboard Personal Transporter

Quick Features:

  • Maximum speed 10 miles per hour
  • Maximum weight of 220 lbs
  • Maximum range 12.5 miles
  • Two 800W motors

Safety is the top priority for Segway, that’s why minipro comes with Ninebot technology that provides a reliable and safe platform for off-road commuting.

It features 800-watt dual motors that allow hoverboard to reach an impressive cruising top speed of 10 mph. It takes four hours to fully charge and get 12.5 miles to range out of a single charge. It has enough power to handle a rider weighing up to 220lbs. on a 15° incline.

Segway minipro off road hoverboard

Any off-road hoverboard needs to have a durable frame structure, that’s why minipro is equipped with a sturdy magnesium alloy frame. It comes with 10.5 inch wide air-filled tires that can power through pretty much all terrains.

The hoverboard features a lightweight folding design, so it is quite easy to carry and requires a small place to store. Moreover, the hoverboard can pair with your mobile via Bluetooth and enables you to control and manage its safety features.

  • 10.5″ pneumatic air-filled tires
  • Powerful dual-motor
  • Durable magnesium alloy frame
  • Can handle loud up to 220lbs.
  • Portable design.
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Small battery

2. TOMOLOO: Off-Road Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker

Quick Features:

  • Maximum speed 7.5 miles per hour
  • Maximum weight of 220 lbs
  • Maximum range 12 miles
  • 6.5-inch motor

TOMOLOO is one of the leading manufacturers who is developing intelligent self-balance off-road hoverboards for years. This model is yet another masterpiece from TOMOLOO that is built for maximum performance.

It has an eye-catching design that provides a smooth and hassle-free riding experience. Its off-road capability can take you anywhere you want, and solid rubber tires can tackle and manoeuvre through all the obstacles like bumps, gravel, mud, and sand.

tomoloo off road hoverboard

It is not the fastest hoverboard in the market, and it can reach a speed of 7.5 miles per hour, which is not bad for an off-road hoverboard. It can carry load up to 220lbs. Depending on weight, it can travel approximately 6 to 12 miles. It comes with high standard 40,000mah temperature protection batteries.

The best part of the TOMOLOO hoverboard is that it is equipped with a stereo sound system with Bluetooth connectivity. So enjoy your favourite music while commuting.

There is no safety concern as the TOMOLOO hoverboard is UL2271 certified and comply with all safety regulations.

  • Off-road capability
  • Large 40,000mah battery
  • Solid rubber tires
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Slow Speed

3. Segway miniLITE: Hoverboard with Ease of Mobility

Quick Features:

  • Maximum speed 10 miles per hour
  • Maximum weight of 175 lbs
  • Maximum range 11 miles
  • 1400W motor

There is no secret that Segway produces top-notch electric transporters, miniLite hoverboard is no exception, and it is built to provide a safe and comfortable ride on urban terrains.

Equipped with massive 10.5-inch pneumatic tires miniLite is capable of reaching a top speed of 10 miles per hour. It has a 1400 watts motor that can easily bear the load of up to 175lbs, and once fully charged, it can go on for 11 miles.

segway minilite off road hoverboard

It features a lightweight and compact design that enables effortless manoeuvrability. Removable knee control bar allows easy portability, and it can be stored in a tight space.

As far as safety goes, a highly visible ambient light is mounted on the back for rear visibility. It comes with a free mobile app that enables users to adjust functions like speed, steering sensitivity, and LED light.

  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Large air-filled tires
  • Knee control bar
  • Large load capacity
  • Rear safety light
  • Short traveling range
  • Low ground clearance

4. Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6: Off-Road Hoverboard Allrounder

Quick Features:

  • Maximum speed 12 miles per hour
  • Maximum weight of 420 lbs
  • Maximum range 12 miles
  • Two 300W motors

From the first look, you can tell that this hoverboard is made for an off-road experience. It is designed to conquer all the obstacles and power through all the rugged terrains like grass, mud, and gravel. A durable aluminium casing protects T6 from all hazardous elements.

It is armed with durable 10-inch tubeless tires that provide extra traction on any surface and can climb up to 30° incline.

Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 off road hoverboard

Two 300 watts motors propel the electric hoverboard, it can reach a top speed of 12 miles per hour and can commute up to 12 miles, again depending on the weight it’s carrying. Speaking of weight, T6 can push an impressive 420lbs load. It comes with a lithium-ion battery that is protected by innovative SentryShield technology and fully complies with the UL2272 standard. The best feature regarding battery is that it takes on 2 to 3 hours to charge. A mobile app allows you to keep an eye on speed, battery level, and distance travelled.

  • Off-road capability
  • Eye-catching Bulky Design
  • 10-inch RUGGED TIRES
  • Large weight capacity
  • Protective aluminum casing
  • Heavy-weight
  • Expensive

5. Jolege Hoverboard: 6.5″ Two-Wheel Off-Road Hoverboard For Beginners

Quick Features:

  • LED flash wheels
  • Self-Balancing function
  • Can rotate 360 degrees
  • Maximum weight of 180lbs

Riding a hoverboard is a fun activity, but it can get confusing or even risky if you don’t know how to ride it. For some people, the hoverboard is quick and somewhat tricky to understand. But jolege Hoverboard is specially designed for beginners; it is quite safe and super easy to learn.

It comes with self-balancing technology; this technology keeps the hoverboard in level and enables a user to stand and ride with no fear of falling. The standing platform is reinforced with slip-resistant material for batter stability and traction. It requires only two minutes of any user to learn its functionality.

jolege off road Hoverboard

It has a futuristic design that features bright LED flash wheels along with front lights to illuminate the ground. It contains a stereo speaker that can play your music via Bluetooth.

As far as safety is concerned, jolege Hoverboard has undergone through all fire-safety tests and evaluations, jolege Hoverboard fully complies with the UL2272 standard.

  • Easy to learn and ride
  • Self-balancing technology
  • Led flash wheels
  • Can carry load up to 180lbs
  • Low battery timing

6. LAMBORGHINI TwoDots: Hoverboard for Ultimate Drive

Quick Features:

  • Maximum speed 6.2miles per hour
  • Maximum weight of 165 lbs
  • Maximum range of 6.2 miles
  • Two motors with Independent Gyros

An elegant looking hoverboard with a luxurious design that provides a safe, comfortable, and stable riding experience. LAMBORGHINI hoverboard is made for short-distance urban commuting; it is super fun to ride in the park, community, or even in your backyard.

It features a pair of robust racing tires with 6.5-inch ground clearance, and these rubber tires are treated to prevent sliding on an uphill climb.

Two independent motors push it, and it can handle inclines of up to 15 degrees. The hoverboard can reach a top speed of 6.2 miles per hour without compromising its stability. These motors harvest their power from 36V Lithium-ion Battery that lasts up to 6.2 miles per charge.

LAMBORGHINI TwoDots off road hoverboard

The hoverboard has an integrated music system with outstanding sound and robust bass. Easy to connect Bluetooth enables a user to control the music.

Truly a dependable all-terrain hoverboard, which is thoroughly tested and went through multiple safety procedures, to ensure that the hoverboard fully complies with UL 2272 standards.

  • Sleek and eye-catching design
  • Rubber racing tires
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Fast charging
  • Slow speed

7. HYPER GOGO: Hoverboard, Off-Road All-Terrain High Tech

Quick Features:

  • Maximum speed 7.4 miles per hour
  • Maximum weight of 165 lbs
  • Led flashing light
  • Two motors with independent gyros

Hyper GOGO is an all-terrain hoverboard with a sturdy design and flashy look. Reinforced with heavy-duty rubber tires to ensure constant grip while manoeuvring through off-road and rugged terrains. High ground clearance enables its user to enjoy a hassle-free, comfortable ride.

Two electric motors push the hoverboard over mud, bumps, on the grass, and even gravel. Even though the hoverboard itself is light weighted and weighs around 14.5 lbs, But has enough force to carry a load up to 165 lbs easily. It can reach top speeds up to 7.4 miles per hour with a 240V battery that takes only 2 to 3 hours to power up fully.

HYPER GOGO off road Hoverboard

Another cool feature is that Hyper GOGO comes with colour-changing LED flashing lights that are mounted in the frame and tires. An integrated Bluetooth speaker enables the user to play music directly from a mobile phone.

It follows all the UL2272 standards, during the production each unit is to check and test to provide high-level safety and security.

  • Sturdy design
  • Lightweight
  • Color changing led lights
  • Carries a load up to 165lbs
  • Low top speed of 7.4mph

8. City Cruiser: 6.5″ Hoverboard Smooth and Fun Drive

Quick Features:

  • Maximum speed 7.4 miles per hour
  • Maximum weight of 165 lbs
  • Colour changing LED lights
  • Two motors with independent gyros

The city cruiser is cost-effective with regards to other models in our list. It is inexpensive but does not compromise on quality and excellent for short-distance commuting.

It features an eye-catching design and contains many streamlined functions to provide a smooth and stable ride on urban terrains.

Large 6.5-inch durable tires are integrated into city cruiser to ensure better traction, which allows hoverboard to handle almost all the obstacles in its way.

City Cruiser off road hoverboard

It contains a fast-charging 240V battery that only takes 2 hours to recharge completely. The payload capacity for this hoverboard is 165lbs, and regarding its speed, it can reach a maximum speed of 7.4 miles per hour.

It is armed with flashy RGB LED lights and Bluetooth speakers, which are required by modern-day riders. The bright headlights illuminate the ground, allowing a rider to enjoy a safe ride during the night.

The city cruiser is well tested to comply with UL 2272 standards to ensure the safety of a rider,

  • Cost-effective
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Off-road capability
  • Heavy-duty tires
  • Flashy RGB led lights
  • 165lbs load capacity, which is quite low

9. HYPER GOGO Off-Road with Speaker Durable and Smooth Drive

Quick Features:

  • Maximum speed 6 miles per hour
  • Maximum weight of 200 lbs
  • Maximum range 6 miles
  • Dual Independent Gyros motors

GOGO hyper mimics SUV style with its massive and bulky design. This model is built to provide maximum stability and comfort on rugged off-road terrains.

It comes with 8.5 inch off-road SUV tires, not only these large tires provide high ground clearance but also offers extra traction and easy manoeuvrability at city outskirts. It is a very reliable and safe platform because of its self-balancing mechanism that keeps the hoverboard in level.

hyper gogo off road hoverboard 8.5

This model is a bit slow and can only reach a top speed of 6 miles per hour, which is its biggest drawback. Once fully charged, it can travel up to 6 miles with a modest 200lbs load capacity.

It is equipped with Bluetooth sound system to enjoy your favourite music on the go. Bright but energy-efficient led headlights enable a rider to commute during night time safely.

To ensure user safety, each GOGO hyper hoverboard unit goes through an electrical test to meet UL2272 standards and regulations.

  • Bulky design
  • SUV style tires
  • Stable platform
  • Bluetooth entertainment
  • Can only travel 6 miles
  • Stop speed 6MPH

10. Gyroor T581: Hoverboard 6.5″ Advanced Features

Quick Features:

  • Maximum speed 10 miles per hour
  • Maximum weight of 220 lbs
  • Maximum range of 7.5 miles
  • Two 300W motors

A powerful hoverboard with a sturdy design that features a self-balancing technology, this innovative technology allows you to enjoy the safe, smooth, and stable ride even on rough unpaved roads.

Heavy-duty unique treaded wheels allow a rider to go through any off-road terrains without any difficulty. Bright RGB LED lights are integrated into the wheels to provide an astounding riding experience.

Gyroor T581 off road Hoverboard

It comes with two 300W motors, and these motors drive the hoverboard to reach its top speed of 10 miles per hour. It can quickly move a hefty 220 pounds loud and travel 7.5 miles on a single charge. The best part of T581 is that it requires only 2 hours to charge its batteries fully.

It is packed with high-quality Bluetooth speakers, so you can entertain yourself with your favorite music while enjoying a ride. It comes with color-changing adjustable headlights that illuminate the ground for a safe drive in the dark.

  • Off-road capability
  • Bright RGB LED lights
  • 220 lbs load capacity
  • Two 300W motors
  • Fast charging
  • Low ground clearance

The Buyer’s Guide to Best Off-Road Hoverboards

Hoverboards are a fast and fun way to travel in urban areas, but not every hoverboard is perfect, that’s why you should consider some critical points before buying one. There are some safety and security standards for hoverboard manufacturers to follow, make sure hoverboard is UL 2272 certified.

If you are looking for some off-road experience on a hoverboard, then you must buy a hoverboard with large and treaded wheels for extra traction on rugged terrains. These tires will allow easy manoeuvring over bumps and smooth acceleration on grass, mud, and gravel without losing your balance.

An ideal off-road hoverboard should be able to carry a load around 220 lbs and can travel at least 7 miles on a single charge. Duel 300w motors are recommended for a stable and sturdy ride. For entertainment, Bluetooth speakers are must so you can enjoy your favourite music while riding. Headlights on a hoverboard enable its user to ride even when it’s dark.

Why Are The Best Off-Road Hoverboards Important?

In this day and age trevally around the suburban area can be a mammoth task and can waste precious time to reach your destination. These electric off-road hoverboards are the perfect alternative to public transportation or even a personal car. They are lightweight and nimble to tackle all the obstacles on suburban terrains. These off-road electric hoverboards are quite stylish and super comfortable to ride in the park or community.

Electric hoverboards are eco-friendly personal vehicles as they don’t use any fuel or gas to run. They are equipped with zero-emission engines and propel the hoverboard by using power from its batteries.

Moreover, these off-road hoverboards are super fun to ride.

How to Choose the Best Off-Road Hoverboards?

Now the big question, how to determine which hoverboard is perfect for your style. Hoverboards come in many size and designs with different features, but there are some universal points you should consider before buying a hoverboard for an off-road experience.

Weight Capacity

It is essential to know the weight capacity of a hoverboard; usually, a hoverboard can manage a load between 200 to 220 pounds. Always follow the weight capacity guidelines, as putting extra weight can be dangerous and lead to an accident.

Speed and Range

These little devices are made for short-distance commuting, different hoverboards come with varied travelling range, but a perfect hoverboard should travel at least 7 miles and should reach a top speed of 8 miles per hour. Range and speed of any hoverboard are directly depended on the load it’s carrying.

Wheels and Ground Clearance

All terrains hoverboards are equipped with large and treaded wheels and provides a minimum 6-inch high ground clearance. They play a vital role to keep the hoverboard stabilise on rough and rugged grounds.

Hoverboard Design

We all like to impress people around us; a fresh and futuristic design can attract many individuals. A bulky design is an ideal design for an off-road hoverboard.

Battery and recharge timing

It is incredibly fun to ride these hoverboards, but there is a limit to this enjoyment as they can only run for a certain amount of time before they run out of power. Always look for a battery with a large capacity. Also, fast charging can save precious time.

Safety Features

During the production process of a Hoverboard, manufacturers are bound to follow all the safety standards and regulations. It is quite essential to check if the hoverboard has passed all the fire safety tests, and it is indeed UL 2272 certified.

Bluetooth Music System

New hoverboards are armed with premium quality sound systems. Through Bluetooth connectivity, these speakers can play wireless music directly from your smartphone

LED Headlights

Almost every hoverboard in the market contains bright LED headlights to ensure safety during the night. These headlights on hoverboard illuminate the ground and allow you to see and be seen in the dark.


It is not an easy task to find a perfect off-road electric hoverboard. Many models are available in the market with different and unique features, and choosing one that can meet your requirement is confusing. But don’t worry we have done all the tedious leg work for you, after days of research we have specially put together a list of the best off-road hoverboards to help you find your dream hoverboard. We have considered all the essential features and functions of a perfect hoverboard.

We hope the list will help you to find a hoverboard that meets your requirements.



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