Best Off Road Electric Scooters (2022-23)

off road electric scooters

Is there any better riding experience than the best off-road electric scooter to explore the great outdoors in a fun and environmentally friendly way? Electric scooters are best to facilitate mobility in adventuring. But when it comes to extreme riding in off-road conditions, you must have the best off-road electric scooter to avoid any unwanted experience. Using a regular electric scooter can be great for riding around the town but never make the mistake to use it for off-road riding. The best off-road scooter features a sturdy deck along with highly durable wheels to handle the jaggy terrain to ensure an excellent riding experience. But when it comes to choosing the best off-road electric scooter, it can be a serious issue because there is a wide variety of electric scooters available on the market. We have spent hours and hours reviewing the electric scooters and select the ten best off-road electric scooters for you.

10 Best off Road Electric Scooters for 2022-23


Electric Scooter

Max Speed

Max Range


Razor RX200 Electric Off-road Scooter

12 MPH

40 Miles

Gigabyke Groove

20 MPH

25 Miles

Super Turbo Elite

16 MPH

15 Miles

Dualtron Pro Scooter

40 MPH

80 Miles

NanRobot D4+

40 MPH

45 Miles

1. Razor RX200 Electric Off-road Scooter

Quick Features

  • Disc brake
  • Heavy-duty alloy wheels
  • Lightweight
  • Best braking system

The Razor RX200 electric scooter not only improves your mobility but can go beyond the pavements. It is fitted with an electric motor which helps to cruise with minimum effort. Two 12V rechargeable batteries power the best off-road electric scooter. These batteries deliver fantastic 40 minutes of consistent use. If you want hassle-free commuting, Razor RX200 is made for you.

razor 200 electric scooter

It is created to be a full off-road electric scooter. It is equipped with premium off-road tires that ensure fabulous traction without any struggle. The new gear ratio to enhanced torque allows the scooter to have perfect cruising on asphalt, gravel, and grass. The improved disc brakes enable perfect cruising with high confidence as it guarantees precise stopping.

Its triple bolt camping gives you the fork stability to secure it from breaking. Such a feature also allows smooth maneuvering of the scooter. Another appealing feature of this best off-road electric scooter is insulated rise styled handles along with the soft rubber offer ideal grip. The grip tape has been used to line the deck for maximum hold. This scooter can achieve 12mph, which makes it one of the fastest dirt scooters.

  • Features heavy-duty alloy wheels
  • Premium quality baking system
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent ground clearance on tough terrains
  • Battery deteriorates with time
  • Needs some assembly

2. Gigabyke Groove- Mid-Range Electric Scooter

Quick Features

  • 750watt motor
  • LED Headlights
  • Hydraulic disk front brakes
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

The nippy and perfectly made commuting electric scooter features the best lightweight for easy riding. It is more than replacing public transport and even your car. The classic appearance with a heads-up display is handy and easy to read. The battery life is one of the most appealing features of Gigabyke electric scooter.  The pedals aid to mediate the traveling and allow you to cover an impressive 35 miles on a single charge.

gigabyke groove electric scooter

The large magnets with an improved motor size of 750w, this best off-road electric scooter can comfortably ride on the pesky hills. A sturdy kickstand and stiffer suspension offer a high comfort level. The powerful LED headlight helps to drive at night, the ultra-bright front and rear LED turn signals, and a rear brake light makes it a perfectly safe electric bike.

Other impressive features are optimal seat height, leather padded seat, dual front and rear suspension with an upright riding position ensures high comfortable riding experience. To charge the battery, directly plug the charger into the charging port. The battery needs six hours to charge completely. In case of any issue, you can use the 1-year manufacturer warranty with lifetime customer support.

  • LED lamps
  • Silicon-based lithium battery
  • Covers a large distance on a single charge
  • Super disc brakes for emergency
  • Expensive as compared to other electric scooters

3. Super Turbo Elite – Best Versatile Electric Scooter

Quick features

  • Disc brakes
  • Best for adults
  • LED front & back lamps

The Super Turbo1000W Elite electric scooter is a perfect choice for quality performance. This is one of the most powerful adult electric scooters available. The impressive 18-24 mph top speed (rider weight matters) can perform on inclines and flat roads easily. The disc brakes are fitted on the front and rear wheels which features extra-grippy 10.5-inch off-road tires. The chain drive engine of this electric motor is commonly used in motorbikes.

The sturdy steel frame can handle long usage comfortably. If you like to sit for riding, there is an adjustable seat for you. The charging time of this electric bike is about 6 to 8 hours. Economy and turbo modes are neat features. The top speed is decreased in the economy, whereas the run time increases. The turbo mode gives you the full power of the 1000W beast engine. Besides all features, the price is on adds thing on this electric scooter.

  • Fully adjustable seat
  • Economy and turbo modes
  • Disc brakes
  • LED front and rear lamps
  • Best for adults
  • A bit expensive
  • Needs a long time to charge completely

4. Dualtron Pro Scooter

Quick Features

  • 40+ max speed
  • Powerful braking
  • Ultra suspension
  • Ultra-wide off-road tires

When it comes to trying all spins and freestyle stunts, the Dualtron pro scooter is best. Powered by the 5400W BLDC dual hub motor along with the 60V 35Ah 2072 WH LG lithium battery, the scooter can easily reach 40 mph. One unique feature of this off-road electric scooter is the fitted electronic brakes to prevent the premature lockdown of the brakes even on slippery surfaces.

The tempering suspension is added for a comfortable riding experience. The front, back end and feature shock absorbers that help to prevent rocky rides on rough and tough terrains. When it comes to rough path riding, the special tires run on a muddy track with a high grip. The high-impact PU suspension enables the rider to climb on rocky terrains rapidly on 20-degree slants easily. Above all, there is one year warranty offered by the manufacturer to boost your confidence level.

  • Electric brakes
  • 5400W BLD dual hub motor
  • High impact PU suspension
  • 1-year warranty
  • Expensive

5. NanRobot D4+ High-Speed Electric Scooter

Quick Features

  • Maximum load of 330 lbs
  • Two 1000W motors
  • 23.4Ah 52V lithium battery
  • 10” pneumatic tires
  • EBS disc brake system
  • Portable design

It’s natural to enjoy the ride of the best electric scooter during the free times of vacations. There is nothing better than a portable electric scooter for such needs. This electric scooter by NanRobot has been created for easy transportation. It can rapidly climb on a 30-degree slope with its two independent 1000W powerful motors. It has the ability to travel about a distance of 45 miles with the 23.4 Ah 52V lithium battery.

With an exceptional suspension system, the scooter flies at a speed of 40 mph. The 10 inches pneumatic wheels with the six shock absorbers contribute to the best anti-slippage, premium suspension system. The front and back EBS disc brake system work perfectly on the waters during emergencies. The detachable seat of the scooter is comfortable for long rides. The foldable feature makes it one of the best foldable off-road electric scooters on the market. When it comes to warranty, you have one year for motors and frames and six months for batteries and controllers.

  • Front and back EBS disc brake system
  • High speed of 40 mph
  • Foldable and portable design
  • Detachable seats
  • Anti-slip tires
  • 1-year warranty
  • Long charging time

6. Lucky Prospect Complete Pro Stunt Electric Scooter

Quick Features

  • Trusted by professionals
  • Large deck
  • 6 months warranty

Made from high-quality aluminum, the Lucky pro electric scooter is trusted by professional riders. Whether you are using it on terrain, hills, or dirt, they are built to cut the soil like scissors cutting the silk fabric. The champs have successfully tested the best off-road electric scooter. These electric scooters are made to withstand the nastiest tricks known to riders. They are unique in the sense that world champions fully trust them.

The design and performance of this killer stunt scooter are incredibly well built. It features a concave top with flat sides and a bottom. The aircraft-grade aluminum is used to meet the premium manufacturing standards. The brakes have the ability to stop the scooter in emergency conditions. It comes with a six months warranty for the confidence of the customers.

This last best off-road electric scooter on our list is highly durable and lightweight. The attractive features include smooth 110mm wheels, oversized PryBar, a perfect deck, and SteelyBrake with an anti-vibration pad.

  • High-quality construction
  • Wheels feature 8 inches aluminum core
  • Trusted by professionals
  • SteelyBrake with anti-vibration system
  • Highly recommended for stunts
  • None

7. Razor Black Label Pro Dirt Scooter

Quick Features

  • Aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Lightweight
  • Aluminium deck

Razor is one of the popular brands for producing the best quality scooters. The Black Label Pro Dirt Scooter by Razor is created by the master to ensure you are not more restricted to pavement riding. The scooter has been manufactured to ride on all surfaces. Whether it is pebbles, grass, or asphalt, this best off-road electric scooter can comfortably ride without any hassle.

The aircraft-grade aluminum allows you to enjoy extreme versatility with maneuvering. Another appealing feature is an impressive aluminum deck to give you a lightweight scooter with the best portability. Also, there is an ideal slip-resistant course stepping surface to prevent slipping during riding. Improves with stick spots, means that the user enjoys a firm grip to enhance the riding experience.

This best off-road electric scooter offers a highly smooth movement. It features large whets with 7.9inch pneumatic air-filled tires. There are also aggressive treads to ensure perfect surface grip to avoid skidding on grass surfaces. The steel-made fork is strong and boasts a BMX style to offer great support. With rubber insulated handles, you enjoy excellent scooter control. The rear feeder leg braking system is just amazingly perfect to ensure a precise stop in emergency conditions.

  • Back fender brakes for maximum safety
  • Lightweight electric scooter
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum for high durability
  • Ideal for a variety of terrains
  • Not suitable for adults

8. Mongoose Expo Scooter with 12-inch Wheels

Quick Features

  • 12-inch air-inflated wheels
  • 220 lbs weight capacity
  • Foot deck for additional balance and stability
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Front and Rear Caliper brakes

The next best off-road electric scooter on our list is Mongoose Expo Scooter. The scooter offers the real joy of off-roading with smooth and comfortable riding experience. This electric scooter by Mongoose is one of the best dirt scooters. It is dedicated to ensuring the ideal off-road experience. The scooter has been manufactured from high-quality materials to ensure reliability and to deliver a high-class off-roading rides. The design of the Mongoose Expo has BMX freestyle handlebars that offer comfort and ease of maneuvering the scooter.

mongoose electric scooter

The scooter features a fabulous large deck that allows proper space for your feet. It offers easy to balance and ride this best scooter without any balancing issues. Whether you are looking to cruise the neighborhood or commute on rough terrains, this best dirt scooter gives you unmatched riding.

The large air-filled 12-inches tires are fitted to enable shock absorption to offer smooth riding experience.

Also, there are zero inconveniences while riding as the brakes are used in the handlebars. These insulated handlebars ensure a perfect grip when cruising.

  • Large deck for ample space
  • Handle brake for speed control in an emergency
  • Ideal for both adults and children
  • Safe, stable, and fast
  • Needs assembly and tools

9. Razor Pro RDS Dirt Scooter- Red

Quick Features

  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum frame
  • Tubular BMX Style steel fork
  • Classic read fender brake
  • Soft Rubber grip
  • Full Deck coarse grip tape

This electric scooter by Razor is an excellent pick if you are looking for a dirt scooter that can smoothly ride beyond the paved ways. The pro-RDS dirt scooter is specially made to deliver premium performance. It is dedicated to the top off-road riding. The structure and design ensure an enjoyable ride without any issues. The deck has been created from aircraft-grade aluminum, which is lightweight and superior to improve the efficiency of the scooter. Also, it is lined with tape, which means you will enjoy an excellent grip during riding.

razor pro rds elctric scooter

The riser handlebars of the scooter with the Y-style design give you a firm grip bearing that they have rubber insulation to increase the grip. It is unique from other handles because aluminum has been used to manufacture this, which is lightweight and helps to decrease the overall weight of the scooter. It also features a triple-staked head tube to add rigidity and stability. Consequently, even when you are performing riding tricks, the scooter remains stable and doesn’t cause any breaking problem.

It is one of the best electric scooters for dirt due to the rigid tubular steel fork which tackles extreme terrains and conditions. This best off-road electric scooter can easily go with the 220 pounds of regular riding and when it comes to extreme riding, it can accommodate 129 pounds.

  • Best for off roads and off pavements
  • Classic fender braking system
  • Premium quality treaded tires
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame
  • Folding features missing

10. Star Scooter Premium Pro Sports Big Wheel Push Kick Scooter

Quick Features

  • Lowered footboard
  • High rebound polyurethane wheels
  • Portable due to lightweight
  • Handles up to 100kgs weight

There is nothing better than an electric scooter when it comes to commuting. They ensure a smooth ride without any hassle. They are different from common bicycles as they are lightweight, compact, and easy to ride in almost every place. This best off-road scooter is an ideal pick for both adults and kids. The aluminum materials are used to decrease the scooter weight for smooth commuting. It also offers super maneuverability with the light deck during riding.

star electric scooter premium pro

Cheap dirt scooters are constructed to support only lightweight people. But the Star Scooter premium pro ensures outstanding performance. It can easily carry about 220 pounds which makes it a good option for adults and kids. This electric scooter can deliver the best stability with reduced fatigue.

Its highly foldable feature makes it easy to carry and store. You can fold and open it in a few seconds because of the impressive manufacturing. An amazing aspect is the incorporated suspension system that provides smooth rides. The giant 205 mm wheels also ensure a stable ride without any bumps.

  • Best for adults, kids, and teens
  • Easily accommodates about 100kgs of weight
  • High-quality aluminum
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Don’t accept more than 220 pounds of weight

The Buyers Guide to Best off Road Electric Scooter

Freestyle riding is adventurous and quite risky. But if you have the best off-road electric scooter, then you can ride freely without worrying about any accidents. However, buying a perfect electric scooter is a serious issue when you are going to perform such risky stunts. Therefore it is essential to check the features of a right pro electric scooter carefully.

The frame material must be highly durable. Steel and aluminum both are tensile and durable, and also they are lightweight. Though there is an alloy frame available, we don’t recommend them. During riding any impact should not affect the structure or shape of the electric scooter.

Besides the original structure, wheels play a vital role in an electric scooter. Check out the wheel bearings if they are made of top quality and must be resistant to wear and tear.

Another essential aspect is the deck which is crucial to maintain balance.

Always invest in a bike with classic graphics and design.

Why Is the Best Off-road Electric scooter important?

Off electric scooters are different from regular scooters as they can effortlessly ride on unpaved roads, dirt, grass, and sand gravel. So if you love freestyle riding on off roads, it is vital to have the best off-road electric scooter to enjoy a smooth and safe ride.

It is effortless to learn to ride on such electric scooters as they don’t need any installation at times. Even kids and adults can comfortably ride them using the straightforward user manual.

These electric scooters are environmentally friendly as they don’t use any gas or fuel. They don’t produce any smoke or toxic fumes.

One of the best features of off-road electric scooters is that they are incredibly lightweight and portable. You can comfortably carry them around; put them in the car or bus, in camping or on road trips. The compact size allows you to store them quickly as they don’t need much place.

How to Choose the Best off Road Electric Scooter

When buying an off-road electric scooter, consider the following essential factors.

Scooter Weight

Weight is the most essential factor to consider before buying an electric scooter. Heavy electric scooters can be seriously frustrating in many ways, so never invest in an electric scooter with a heavyweight. Lightweight electric scooters are best are you can ride smoothly and also carry them easily.

Scooter Wheels

Wheels come next after considering the weight. The off-road electric scooter features bigger wheels than normal ones. They are big because they are made to handle rough terrain. An electric scooter with big wheels is best for maneuverability.

Scooter weight Capacity

It is imperative to know the weight capacity of a scooter. Typically scooters can handle a weight capacity of 200 pounds or so. Make sure that your weight falls below the mentioned weight capacity of the preferred off-road scooter. It ensures safety and prevents accidents with scooter damage.

Scooter Height

There is a specific height limit for off-road electric scooters. They are generally made for adults and teenagers as they are taller. Various scooters feature handle which can be used by riders within six feet range. Don’t forget to check the height limit when buying an off-road electric scooter.

Scooter handlebars Style

There are two basic styles of handling bars.

  • The Y style
  • The flat or straight style

Though there is not much difference between these two styles when it comes to performance, it’s a matter of choice and preference. Both styles offer a comfortable grip during riding.

Scooter Safety

A scooter that is certified with safety standards is considered the safe one. Make sure to gear with a helmet, elbow, and knee pads to protect yourself from severe injuries if you experience any sudden accident.

Scooter design

There are countless designs available in off-road electric scooters. You can also find many colors. Such options make it easy to pick the one that suits your taste.


Never buy an electric scooter that is made from cheap materials as such scooters are not durable at all. Make sure that high-quality material has been used in manufacturing. It improves the scooter’s durability, and you can enjoy safe riding for a long time.

Scooter Price

How can one forget about the price? Well, there are scooters with both low and expensive prices. Take a careful look at your budget before choosing the best off-road electric scooter. You can find countless electric scooters under $200 and also under $5000. The prices of some electric scooters are high because of the premium quality material used in manufacturing. We will recommend buying the high-end ones if money is not the problem because they are safe, durable, strong, lightweight and above all, long-lasting.


This off-road electric scooter list has been created after the in-depth research of not hours but days. We have spent days reviewing off-road electric scooters available on the market and select the top ten off-road electric scooters for you. There are many off-road scooters available with versatile features. But choosing the best off-road electric scooter can be a frustrating task with so many options available. This brief guide about off-road electric scooters has everything you need to consider before investing in electric scooters. I hope you find the best off-road electric scooter for your freestyle adventurous stunts and riding. Happy Riding!!

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