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Hello! My name is James Garrison and welcome to Electricscootergear.com. I am an enthusiast scooter rider. Having years of experience, I constantly test and review new electric scooters on the market. But to be honest, I had no work to pay my bills, etc. One day my friend told me why don’t you convert your passion into earning? The question led me to the new world of blogging and here I am sharing my years of knowledge with you.

The world of the internet can be helpful but a daunting place and it’s tough to know what product to invest in especially when you can’t see and touch it physically. That’s where we can help. Each and every review is written after several days of deep research to help you make the right, quick, and awesome decision. Whether you are looking to gift an electric scooter to your kid or an adult looking to find the best electric scooter for commuting, we are here to help.

First of all, you have to find out what you are looking for in a product and what to consider. Now, come to the top products. All these top products are selected and are the best ones available on the market. The question is how do we know? The answer is we have reviewed countless buyer reviews, Amazon user reviews, product materials, and manufacturer history, and then selected them.

When you are looking to buy a new pro scooter as a gift for your kid, how can you know which one to select? There are countless options available on the market and internet. We help narrow down the choices by using different budgets, brands, the current rider level (pro, intermediate, and beginner), and much more. Trust us, we will never disappoint you.

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